Highwood Current offers a number of programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of swimmers: 

Pre-competitive Programs: 

Swim Academy - ages 4-8, skill building through Swim Alberta's "I Can Swim" curriculum

Fit Swim - ages 10-12, new to swimming and developing the skills needed to enter our competitive stream

XTrain - ages 12-14, with some swimming experience and looking to stay fit with structured workouts

Our pre-competitive programs are sessional: Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April). Spring & Summer sessions may also be available (TBC). 



Competitive Programs: 

We offer 5 different skill & age based training groups: 

C1 is our entry-level program, generally for ages 8 & under. Swimmers train 2 x 60 minute practices per week. C1 is focused on skill building and technique, and will learn about swim meets through short (half-day), FUNdamentals racing opportunties with other developing swimmers in the Calgary area about once per month. C1 will learn about activation & stretching / recovery in their weekly practices, working toward builiding flexibility and movement skills for safe sports and activity. 

*C1 is a full-season program, running September through May. 


C2 is for swimmers aged 10&U with a little more experience in the pool. Our C2 swimmers are improving technique in all 4 competitive strokes and building their endurance during their 3 x 60 minute practices each week. C2 swimmers will also race in monthly half-day FUNdamentals meets in the Calgary area. C2 will begin to learn more about dryland training, through dedicated dryland routines in their weekly practices. 

*C2 season is September through May; Swimmers may be invited to continue swimming through June, by Coach recommendation.


C3 is a 4 x 60-90 minute per week training group for swimmers aged 10 & under. These swimmers have experience in all 4 competitive strokes, but are still technique-focused and are developing their skills in racing. C3 swimmers may attend a combination of half-day FUNdamentals meets, as well as 2-3 day Invitational meets in the Calgary area. C3 will participate in dedicated weekly dryland training sessions, following the LTAD model and designed to complement the swimmers' development of multi-sport movement patterns and skills. 

*C3 season is September through June. 


C4 is for experienced swimmers aged 12 & under, who have typically been competing for a number of seasons. These swimmers will train 4 x 60-90 minute practices per week in the pool and attend Invitational meets in the Calgary / Southern Alberta area each month. Swimmers in C4 are generally working toward their Provincial Trials Qualifying Times. C4 will particpate in dedicated dryland training sessions each week, along with the C3 training group. 

*C4 season is September through June. Swimmers who qualify for Swim Alberta Summer Provincials may continue training until the end of July. C4 swimmers will also be invited to participate in the club's annual Open Water swim event in July. 


C5 is our highest program level, for dedicated and experienced swimmers who are working toward their Provincial Trials, Championship or National level qualifying times. C5 will train 5-6 x 90 minute practices, as well as weekly dryland training. C5 swimmers will compete in multi-day invitational meets (2-3 days). In addition to developing their technical, training and racing skills, our C5 swimmers will have opportunities to build leadership skills through volunteer coaching and mentoring our younger swimmers. 

*C5 season is September through June / July. Swimmers who qualify for Swim Alberta Summer Provincials (or other summer competitions, such as EKI, Far Westerns, or Canadian Jr Championships) will continue to train through July. C5 swimmers will also be strongly encouraged to participate in the club's annual Open Water swim event in July. 


Please contact Head Coach, Cara Clifford, for more information on our programs and how to join!