What Equipment Does My Swimmer Need?

Swimmers will need to have the right equipment to be ready to train effectively. Please refer to the links HERE for each training group's required equipment.

Where to Buy:




Goggles are to swimmers what skates are to hockey players... essential, and they have to fit properly!

Goggles should fit closely to the eyes and have an adjustable strap. To check fit:

Press the goggles onto the eyes WITHOUT the strap - if they stick to the face (don't pop off) they are a good fit!

NOT ALL GOGGLES ARE CREATED EQUALLY! Multi-packs from Costco are meant for recreational swimming and will almost certainly leak and fall off when diving. While they are a good price, ultimately your swimmer will be frustrated and will not be able to practice (or race) effectively while having to constantly stop to fix their goggles. 

Goggles come in different sizes - Youth, Adult, and even Women's fit


Here are Coach Cara's TOP GOGGLE PICKS:

Children / Youth: Speedo Jr Vanquisher OR Arena Tracks Jr  OR Vorgee Missile 

Youth / Adult: Speed Vanquisher (this is what I wear!) OR Vorgee Missile  OR Arena Tracks 

AVOID these, as they are not designed for training, will leak and will fall off when diving: ​

Swimmers do not need fancy, expensive "racing" goggles. Any of my top goggle picks will work just fine for competition and training. Once you find goggles that work well for your swimmer, ALWAYS pick up a second pair for back up! Many swimmers will use one pair for training (they do get scratched up) and reserve a second pair (less scratched) for competition. 


What TEAM GEAR Does My Swimmer Need?

All swimmers receive ONE silicone team cap with their registration fees. Additional caps may be purchased as needed (a minimum of 2 caps are recommended for all competitive swimmers)

Additional team caps may be purchased for $12.50 (ask Coach Cara)

All COMPETITIVE swimmers receive ONE team shirt with their registration fees - please be sure to indicate your required size during registration. Additional team shirts may be purchased as desired with the optional team gear below. 

Optional Team Gear will be ordered indivdually online - members will be emailed ordering instructions later this fall. Items available include: 

  • Hoodies
  • Parkas
  • Ball caps
  • Toques
  • Water Bottles
  • Towels
  • Track Suits
  • Parents - WHITE embroidered polo shirts for officiating will also be available!