About Us

The Highwood Current Swim Club (formerly, High River Tigers) is a competitive swimming club based in High River, Alberta. We offer a wide range of programs for swimmers as young as 4 years of age! 

To raise, inspire and develop the next generation of physically, socially and emotionally balanced youth through competitive swimming

Highwood Current, with the support of inspiring coaches, will strive to develop a dynamic team environment that furthers individual athletes as they pursue excellence in the sport of swimming.

  1. To teach, develop and refine competitive swimming skills including stroke technique, fitness and conditioning, mental skills, and nutrition.

  2. To provide an opportunity to compete in a sport that is an essential skill.

  3. To provide club members the opportunity to compete in swim meets that are fun, challenging and appropriate for swimmers’ abilities and goals.

  4. Create a unique peer support and social group that will enhance each individual’s swimming experience and enhance their ability to achieve personal goals.

  5. To provide a safe social, physical and emotional environment for swimmers to promote sportsmanship, cooperation and team pride.

  6. To provide leadership opportunities through the development of assistant coaches within the club